• EPIcenter: EntrePreneurship and Innovation summer school on healthy living and happy ageing

    August 20th to August 31st

What is EPICenter about?

EPIcenter brings together promising students to incite change! Small teams work jointly on real-life challenges from companies and non-profit organisations, to develop solutions that enable seniors to live a healthy, active and enjoyable life. Participants go through the full cycle of state of the art innovation methods (co-creation, design thinking, rapid prototyping, business modelling) to develop their innovations and inspire their entrepreneurial mindset.

Whom is it meant for?

EPIcenter is meant for everyone who wish to make a difference in the healthcare sector. We believe that solutions and innovation in healthy living and happy ageing require a multidisciplinary approach, so no matter what your background is, you can contribute! Ranging from medical and life sciences to social sciences and the humanities, from IT and engineering to communication and design. The summer school is designed for PhD students, dedicated master students, young professionals and other motivated individuals are welcome to apply.

EPIcenter has English as working language. You need to have skills at least at level B2.

Why should I participate?

EPIcenter is a two-week programme which will give you the opportunity to experience the full innovation cycle. It will provide you knowledge, skills, tools and support to create your own startup. Through challenges that come directly from organisations, companies and users and techniques such as co-creation and design-thinking you will be working on innovations that are needed, wanted and that matter. During the summer school, you will be supported by coaches, mentors and experts. Finally, the international group of participants provide an inspirational and inviting atmosphere to develop yourself and create a network of international peers.


EPIcenter is a Summer School of


international & interdisciplinary


real world


mentors, coaches &




The challenges of EPIcenter will be presented here as soon as they have been confirmed.


The syllabus of the Summer School EPICenter


The challenges are presented and you choose yours. You get to know your team.

The Challenge

Design Thinking is introduced. Your team will follow this method to understand the intrincacies of your challenge.

Talk to experts

To find solutions that matter, you need to understand why and for whom you make it. Stakeholders will visit our site and give you insights.


To further refine or pivot your solution, you will test it together with mentors and coaches.

Deep Dive

Build a 3D-printer, program a micro-controller or get additional leadership and management skills.


Prepare a high-fidelity prototype, which has fundamental characteristics of your solution.

Enjoy Leiden

Foundation and baseline

Create your first business model and iterate it already focusing on your value proposition and key customer segment.

Challenge and change

Use different methods to challenge your business model, get new insights and create a new version.

The financial side

Have a closer look at the revenues and costs of your product or service.

Preparation of Pitch

Develop your final pitch. A pitch doctor will give you feedback.


A prestigious jury joins us and you and your team present the results of the two weeks.

EPIcenter is organized by



These coaches will support EPIcenter.

Aine Phelan

Aine Phelan


Activity partner Aine Phelan, head of consumer insight and marketing at ISAX, has broad experience in business model training and co-creation methods. Her activities include access to a consumer panel and test bed of up to 1,000 consumers age 50+ called the Smart Ageing Community who are available to test and valiate innovations. She is a 3-time marketing innovation award winner and a specialist in consumer and consumer insight analysis, product innovation and development and marketing.

Jeroen Kemperman

Jeroen Kemperman

Achmea Zilveren Kruis

Jeroen Kemperman is senior manager Strategy and Business Development at Achmea Zilveren Kruis, one of the largest insurance companies in the Netherlands. He focuses on strategy, vision, business models, investment and innovation. He has written extensively about disruptive and brilliant business models in care, health and finance. He is a guest speaker at various institutions such as Nyenrode, Erasmus, Sprout and in-company programmes.

Lex van Delden

Lex van Delden

Leyden Academy for Vitality and Aging

Lex’ interests are in designing physical and social environments to promote a healthy lifestyle and social interaction. In this area he runs research and implementation projects and gives advice to various organisations and municipalities. He also investigates the effects of activity programmes at care and well-being organisations. In addition, he is involved in developing and providing education in Bachelor and Master programmes, executive courses, and specialty courses.

After he worked for four years as a physiotherapist with patienst with brain damage, Lex decided to study Cognitive Psychology at Leiden University and obtained his Research Master’s degree in Cognitive Neuroscience. Subsequently, he completed his doctoral research on recovery in stroke victims at the Faculty of Human Movement Sciences at the VU University Amsterdam. Lex was a lecturer and course coordinator at the Institute of Applied Neurosciences in Haarlem, before joining Leyden Academy in May 2014.

Organising Team

Jolanda Lindenberg

Jolanda Lindenberg

Leyden Academy

Jolanda Lindenberg is a scientific staff member at Leyden Academy and is researching social networks, group and personal identity within the nursing home setting and in neighbourhood projects. Her contribution to the research programme focuses on social science issues and research methodology in the study of ageing and vitality.

In addition, Jolanda assists various research projects, including elder abuse, the quality of life of the elderly, the perception of the elderly and the measuring instrument ‘Life and Vitality Assessment’. Jolanda is a social-cultural anthropologist and received her PhD from the Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology in Germany.

Raoul Haschke

Raoul Haschke

Heidelberg University

Raoul Haschke has a doctorate in astrophysics. He received all his degrees from Heidelberg University and understands from first-hand experience how educational and research outfits function. After receiving his doctorate, he decided to pursue his interest in the links between science and the economy and to work as a startup manager. Since then, Heidelberg Startup Partners has been benefiting from his organizational talent and his enthusiasm for entrepreneurship.

Raoul Haschke works not only for the startup management of Heidelberg University but also for the Startup Office of Heidelberg Startup Partners. In addition, he is responsible for coordination at Heidelberg Startup Partners. He advises entrepreneurs who are applying for funding and helps establish contact with partners of Heidelberg Startup Partners.

Preparing the Summer School: Healthy Ageing in six steps

  • You have to participate in the MOOC “Healthy Ageing in 6 steps” to prepare you for the EPIcenter Summer School.

  • The MOOC starts on July 1st.


For travel and accommodation costs scholarships will be available.
The final amount will be determined after the selection process has finished. We will contact you after admission to EPIcenter with a formal request for a scholarship application.

For participants from

  • Netherlands

  • up to 250€

  • Europe

  • up to 500€

  • Non-Europe

  • up to 750€


Accommodation (as in hotel or hostel rooms) is not included.

Here we will present you a list of hotels and hostels in Leiden.


different locations
within Leiden


Who is the target group?

We are looking for persons with a variety of disciplinary backgrounds interested in participating. We aim to have multidisciplinary teams as we believe these will be the most powerful to come to solutions.
It is beneficial if you have a finished master degree. EPIcenter is also open to young professionals, who have already left academia. If you are still doing your masters in the field of EPIcenter, please send us your application with your motivation.

If you aren’t sure if EPIcenter is for you, don’t hesitate to send us a message.

Which language will be spoken?

The EPIcenter Summer School is an international event. All communication will be in English. Participants are expected to be proficient in English. It is not necessary to know any Dutch. If needed, we will be happy to support you with your travel arrangements,.

Which kind of food will be available?

The summer school includes free breakfast and lunch. We will always provide a vegetarian option. We cannot guarantee the accommodation of other dietary needs.

Who will own the IP?

The team should discuss, how to proceed with the solutions generated during the event.

To allow continuity, we suggest that the challenge owner keeps the generated ideas, if the team (or parts of it) do not want to continue working on the solution.

Can I propose my own challenge/business idea?

Although we have collected some real world challenges from our partners in industry and academia, we invite you to bring your own challenge. Please propose it together with your application. A prestigous jury will decide on the challenges choosen.

How to get to the venue?

The venue has not been finally set yet. We will give you instructions as soon as we know the venue.

Can I lead a team?

Definitely. If you feel qualified to lead a team, please let us know in your application.

Why did you collect real world challenges?

We believe that our teams will be able to develop solutions in less than two weeks. The challenge owner (i.e. our business partners from industry and academia) might be interested to be your first costumer right after the event, or buy your solution or the team as a whole.

Please contact us

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